Lidia Morales Olivares

Audiovisual translation, subtitling and other linguistic services.
To dream, to trust, to dare. The art of playing with words makes me exceptional.

Translation Services

A freelance English/German/French to Spanish translator based in Toulouse, France. I specialise in audiovisual translation but work in different fields and in the following areas:


What do I translate? From which language(s) into which language? Which tools do I use? Editing and review are essential to my work. Discover what makes my work professional and what drives me to be exceptional in all my work.

Audiovisual translation and subtitling

Translation (films, scripts, TV series, documentaries and many other programs), subtitling, synchronization, transcription and respeaking (the innovative subtitling technique that uses spreech recognition softwares). Which subtitling tools do I work with?

Examples of Translations into Spanish

Translation and subtitling German to Spanish
Bücherpiraten e.V.
Translation German to Spanish
Translation French to Spanish
PEN International
Translation English to Spanish


format_quoteWe are very pleased that Lidia supports our project 1001 Languages – with such a commitment. Her voluntary translations are a very valuable contribution for our website and our goal, which is to provide bilingual picture books to all children of the world. Thank you very much for your help!format_quote


All documents and videos that are entrusted to me to transcribe, translate, subtitle and edit are subject to strict confidentiality, irrespective of whether they are agencies or direct clients.